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Brittany Arriola 


I grew up in the desert of Tucson Arizona in what some might call the middle of no where. I spent a lot of time trying to come up with interesting things to wear because the closest mall was 45 minutes away, and it was very difficult to convince my parents to drive me. This really forced me to be creative with my wardrobe. I even "borrowed" my grandma's doily's a few times and used them to decorate my tank tops. I loved creating looks out of unexpected materials (even though I got a lot of weird looks). This is really what inspired me to learn to sew and become a designer.

Since then, I graduated from the Art Institute with a degree in Fashion Design, moved to sunny San Diego, and have designed prom dresses, wedding dresses and ready to wear.

I debuted my first full collection at Fashion Week San Diego last October, and am currently working on my Spring 2018 collection.